PADI Rescue Diver Scuba Course

Rescue Scuba Diving Classes in South Florida

The PADI Rescue Diver class is extremely fun and challenging and will teach you potentially life-saving scuba diving skills! In this course, we teach you techniques for various dive emergency scenarios. It’s extremely hands-on, so get ready to get in there and do some rescuing!

What is the Rescue Diver Certification?

In the Rescue Diver course, we go over self-rescue in addition to rescue procedures for others. We talk about mitigating and managing signs of stress in other divers and what to do in those situations. We cover emergency management and important equipment for rescue operations. Other subjects that are a focus are panicked scuba divers and rescuing unresponsive divers. This class is for anyone who wants to be able to not only help themselves but also other divers around them. At the end of this class, you will learn self-rescue techniques along with skills that could save a life.

The course also has an e-learning component. The PADI E-learning can be accessed here.

Rescue Diver Certification costs $400 plus $189 for PADI E-learning ($589 total).

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