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About Starfish Scuba

Diving for all Levels

Here at Starfish Enterprise we pride ourselves on understanding our diver’s needs. Whether you are a new or inexperienced diver or want to dive at your own time and pace, we can cater to your preferences. We have Dive Guides available for all trips.

The Florida Reef is the only living coral carrier reef in the continental United States and the proximity to the Gulf Stream means that you will find exceptional scuba diving here to rival the Caribbean and the Florida Keys!

Exceptional Diving

Florida’s reef runs parallel to our shoreline, as do the currents, so we enjoy more of the underwater world by drift diving. The corals are healthy, with an abundance of fish life and a year-round population of Goliath Groupers. We are even lucky enough to experience spawning aggregations of Goliath Groupers at several of the wrecks we visit from August to October.

Exceptional Diving

Wreck Diving

Starfish Scuba is lucky to have a huge selection of great wrecks right on our door step, with diver favorites such as the Budweiser Bar and the Becks (a.k.a. the Captain Tony) a brief 30 minute trip from the dock. On a lucky day, the wrecks can be teeming with Goliath Groupers and the corals that have made the wrecks their home are healthy and in abundance. Starfish Scuba crew members are all highly experienced scuba divers with an intimate knowledge of all these fantastic dive sites.

Wreck Diving
Starfish Enterprise

Starfish Enterprise

Having operated out of the Boynton Inlet for 17 years The Starfish Enterprise is a local staple when it comes to Scuba diving. Starfish Enterprise is a U.S. Coast Guard certified 34 foot Crusader purpose built for scuba divers. With a wide beam and large dive platform, there is plenty of seating areas, shade and a center rail for Scuba divers and friends to move around the boat easily. We provide fresh water rinse tanks, refreshments, snacks, and music to make you feel at home when you come aboard!

We schedule trips with a maximum of 13 scuba divers, which creates a unique experience that allows us to focus on each individual and cater to your specific scuba diving needs! This also allows you to ask questions, learn better dive techniques, and experience all of the best parts of our scuba tours!

The Starfish Enterprise is stocked with bottled water, snacks, emergency equipment, VHF radio and depth finder to make sure we can take you to the best scuba diving spots around. We have take you to all of the best scuba diving spots, and some of the lesser know “local’s only” dive sites.

Our Crew

Our crew members are local SCUBA divers with extensive knowledge of the reef and diving. We believe in bringing you the best possible dive experience you can have. Every crew member is trained in CPR/First-aid as well as certified Emergency O2 Provider’s. We are Scuba divers ourselves and understand your needs. Our vessel the Starfish Enterprise is a U.S. Coast Guard certified 34 foot Crusader built for Scuba divers! With a wide beam and plenty of seating you will have space to spare. Fresh water rinse, refreshments, snacks, and music are just a few of the comforts you will find when you come aboard! Taking a max of 13 Scuba divers creates a unique experience that allows us to focus on each individual and cater to your needs.


Adam // Owner, MSDT

Landlocked Oklahoma native Adam has been diving for years and fell in love with the Florida reef system so much so that he went and bought a boat to make sure he could spend every possible hour on the water!

With experience teaching students of all ages and experience levels, Adam loves to guide visitors around his favorite dive sites and find new spots for his regulars to explore.

His love of the ocean has taken him diving in Costa Rica, swimming with whale sharks in two different countries and exploring the cenotes in Mexico. When not getting a rush from hanging around the cow-sized Goliath Groupers at the Castor, Adam also enjoys diving out of planes at 14,000 ft (with a parachute in a place of the tank obviously!)


Maggie // MSDT, USCG Captain

Globetrotter Maggie hails from New York originally but has spent time living and diving in Florida and Australia over the years.

She is a talented and patient instructor with a special love for the world’s largest fish, the whale shark, after first spotting one in our local South Florida waters! Ask her about her recent trip to Mexico and she will have you joining her next trip to swim with 100s of the gentle giants of the ocean!

Whether you are looking for some new fun dive sites to explore, need a refresher of your dive skills or are ready to take your Advanced Open Water Diver course, Maggie will help you fine-tune your diving and make sure you enjoy every moment of your underwater adventures with the Starfish Enterprise.